something about mary



Hey y'all! 

I'm so happy that you stopped by my corner of the inter webs. 

Here are the important things you need to know about me - 

1. I adore my family.  I have a fabulously-bearded husband and two smarty-pants daughters. We are Christ-loving, homeschooling, SyFy-watching, and hopefully-one-day-homesteading kind of people. Our house is a fun place.

2. Food is my love language. If you're in my home, I'm going to feed you. (It's a southern thing!)

3. One of the favorite "hats" I wear is mentor. I get to walk alongside an amazing group of senior girls who laugh and cry and just do life with me.  They continually astound me with their insight, vibrance, and grace. 


My photography

I am a natural light photographer who prefers to focus on faces. I love to take the time in my shoots to find the part of you that you love best. I want the honest, authentic, unguarded version of you... no fake-booking allowed! I will ask you questions, get to know what makes you tick, and then become a quiet observer as we work through the session.  I have an especially big heart for high school senior photography and love working with teens and tweens as well (they speak my language!).