Makennan H - Skyline High Senior - Class of 2017 - Sammamish, Wa Senior High School Photography


Makennan has his own tagline! How awesome is that??? I can totally see how this kid's signature red locks would be intimidating on a cross country course. He's a crazy talented runner just like his awesome mom. 

When he's not running, however, Makennan is a good-natured joker who will jump up on just about anything (trees, tires, rope swings) at a moment's notice. He's also a huge fan of the good'ole US of A. Seriously, ask him about his favorite holiday. Spoiler alert - he'll light up like a firecracker on the fourth of July!!! 

It was so much fun to photograph him at his family home where you can tell lots of memories have been made! Makennan, hope this season is awesome for you and don't work too hard in those PE classes! :-) 

Shine Bright, 




Madison G - Class of 2017 Issaquah, WA High School Senior

Another senior who has a little piece of my heart!

I've known Madison for a few years now. We've chatted books and books and books some more! We share a deep love of fiction and are both unapologetic fans of a good dystopia.  I'm happy to have had the privilege to document a bit of who she is as she moves into adulthood. 

Madison's session was so much fun! From doggy snuggles to forbidden forests to books and trains and whomping willows... I really can't imagine a photoshoot that better reflected its subject.

Madison, thank you so much for laughing at my bad jokes and for bringing all of your sweet self to this photoshoot! I can't wait to see where this next year takes you. 

Shine Bright! 


Parker L - Eastlake High School Class of 2017 Senior - Sammamish WA

Another kid who loves water?!?! What's up with that, PNW? ;-) 

I met Parker and his fam at Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island for a combined family and senior session back in August with one requirement - driftwood! 

This kid is so awesome, y'all! He brought a few different outfits to choose from and there was a PINK SHIRT! I'm pretty sure I got all excited about this and told him that real men wear pink! When he's not rocking the photoshoot, you can find Parker on the football field leading the Eastlake Wolves this fall. I'll try not to hold it against him that UNC is on his short list for college - Wolfpack over Tarheel any day for this NCSU alum! 

Shine Bright! 


Katie V - Eastlake High School Class of 2017 Sammamish, WA Senior

Her sneak peek said, "her laugh is crazy contagious!" 

She quoted me, "Oh my gosh, you're such a dork!" 

To say that I had a little bit of fun with this gal would be an understatement! Sweet, sweet Katie is always a breath away from a giggle and has a true flair for vibrant hair! She was just the sweetest during her senior photoshoot at Luther Burbank park. 

For those of you keeping track, I don't particularly care to be in or around water. Docks with no railings where I can't see the bottom of the abyss don't particularly help my phobia, either! This dear gal quite literally held my hand as we walked out onto the pier! Can't *heart* her enough! 

Katie - everything about you and these images is beautiful! Can't wait to see where next year takes you! (quantum physics, perhaps???) ;-) 

Shine bright! 


Jill S - Skyline High School Class of 2017 - Sammamish, WA Senior

I've known this gal for several years now - ever since she was a quiet freshman coming to Pine Lake for Summer Sunday nights! Over the years, she's gotten a little more vocal and is becoming the most lovely person. 

Jill wanted to shot her senior photos at their family beach house in Gig Harbor, and I am so happy that we did! Barring my issues with water (I was actually on a floating dock!!! :-O), the whole day was so much fun. I enjoyed shooting in FULL SUN, y'all!

Enjoy all the pretty -   

Shine Bright!